Reach and notify your customers automatically

Facilitate the conduct of your outbound campaigns by reaching your customers fast and easy, even without involving your agents. Robocalls are a great way to automatically get a hold of your customers and provide any information or remind them about commitments agreed upon. Use generalized pre-recorded messages or personalized text to speech to simulate an actual phone call.

Cover large customer databases

Robocall's solution allows covering huge contact lists within a short time. Upload your customer database, create campaigns, and set custom parameters in order to make robocalls more personalized. You can regulate the speed of your campaigns making 1000 simultaneous calls per minute to deliver pre-recorded voice messages or even forward answered calls to your agents.

Maximize the probability of reaching contacts

We recommend using constant number rotation to increase the overall answer rate of your calls. With TelTel, you can order almost any international number and easily assign a number pool to the agent groups. In such a manner, there is no need to remember or set up a number before calling – the system analyzes communication history, and picks a number to increase the possibility of getting in touch with your targets. If working worldwide, it is considerably better to call customers using local numbers rather than international ones as they will pick up more likely. Use all communication tools - voice calls, sms text, emails


Using Call flow builder, make Robocalls extremely flexible and adapted to your business. Create a custom scheme of how to process robocalls, namely playing personalized text to speech messages, IVR, SMS/Email messages, routing calls to agents, and other events available.

Ensure your calls are of good quality

Make calls through your phone, pc, or webphone. Having more than 35 interconnections with global operators, we ensure stable connection and good quality calling to any destination worldwide. Customer support is always in touch and can find a necessary route upon your request. Alternatively, the system will automatically switch to an alternative operator to prevent downtime in case of any issue. Multiple server nodes in different locations will grant the uptime by switching to another server on datacenter failure.

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